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The Power Of Negotiation

Stella: Do you love us all the same? Daddy: Huh? What do you mean? Stella: Well, you have 4 kids so do you love us all the same or do you love 1 of us a little less? Daddy: Oh, of course, I love you all the same amount and that amount is very big! Stella: Are you sure? Cause … Continue reading

I (heart) NY

Happy Birthday To ME! If you follow me on twitter, you know that I spent my 35th birthday in the beautiful city of New York. It was my first trip and surely not my last. My good friend Dawn and I bought a travel package at a charity auction for her daughters school. Can you say, guilt free travel? The … Continue reading

Gratitude Journals

I have to say that the last 4 years have been on the challenging side for my little family culminating with me being diagnosed with cancer in September of 2011. When December 31, 2011 came around I felt a wash of hope come over me. I felt as though a darkness was lifting and the light was breaking thru. I … Continue reading

Brush Your Teeth

Last night this happened… Stella is brushing her teeth in the bathroom while Brigette is in her room writing in her Gratitude Journal. Stella couldn’t have been alone in the bathroom for more than 60 seconds. I have already put toothpaste on their brushes for them. When Stella is finished brushing she goes to her room and then Brigette goes … Continue reading

So You Bought An RV? Tips From the Dirty Girl (part 2)

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I LOVE ME SOME LISTS! And as a self proclaimed RVing expert, I have compiled another list but this time it’s tips to help you get your camping on without getting your stress on. Tip: When you’re stocking your RV for the first time, it’s like outfitting another home so look for … Continue reading

So You Bought An RV? A packing list from the Dirty Girl (part 1)

Spring is here and the RV dealerships are buzzing with excited families looking to get in the camping game. So now that you bought yourself a camper trailer, what do you do next? You PACK! We are hard core campers…and by hard core I mean we camp in a 32 foot trailer that has a TV, microwave and sleeps 30 … Continue reading

Dirty Dishes: Mama’s Slow Cooker Meatball Soup

This soup has been a cold weather staple in our house for a long time. Yesterday we got a spring winter storm with more than 10cm of snow. Soup seemed logical so I changed it by adding a gluten-free, wheat-free, organic quinoa pasta and I think it’s damn near perfection! I use mostly organic ingredients and after checking all my … Continue reading

Nice Kitty

We own some land in British Columbia and every winter our neighbour tracks big cats with his dogs. He does not kill or harm the animals he simply tracks them and photographs them. This kitty is the most beautiful one he’s found so far.

LIVE! with Kelly

I was one of the lucky folk who obtained free tickets to see the popular TV show, LIVE! with Kelly that was being filmed in Banff on April 1 & 2. After applying to get the free random tickets thru the LIVE! with Kelly website I tried to wait patiently but as a well known fact, I find it very … Continue reading

Let Cake Season Begin!

On March 12th my twin daughters turned 4! We had a wonderful little gathering with almost 40 of our closest friends, family and kids. I hired a magician and of course my Auntie made the beautiful cake. The girls were spoiled and spotlighted all day and I felt so fortunate to have that much joy and love in my home. … Continue reading

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