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What do you do when someone asks you to try out winter tires when there’s no snow on the ground outside? You take the cars inside. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado to get ready for winter driving with Bridgestone Tires and Tire Rack to learn about what it really means to … Continue reading


Here I am, half way (ummm, maybe a little more than half way) thru my #CentsAbility month. It’s time for a CentsAbility update.     When I started the CentsAbility challenge 2 weeks ago, I talked about saving money by making and baking snacks for my kids lunches rather than buying expensive pre-packaged treats. I am happy to report that … Continue reading


Ever had one of those conversations with your kids that goes something like this? mom: Hi love, did you have a good day at school today? kid: yup. mom: What did you do at school? kid: nothin’. mom: That’s impossible, you can’t spend the entire day at school and do nothing. How was school today? kid: good. mom: okay, but … Continue reading


I’m a hockey mom. 4 words I never thought I would ever say, which is probably why I’m saying them because the universe is awesome like that. Last year I was invited to a super cool event hosted by GM Canada to promote their Safe and Fun Hockey program. Stella, being the sporty kid she is, volunteered to be my … Continue reading


I have exactly 3 days until I need to get on a plane to Mississauga via Toronto for my second annual Blissdom Canada conference. Am I thrilled? YES. Am I packed? NO! This is so not like me. I’m a planner. I’m a list person. I’m totally not prepared. So this is what’s happening today. I’m picking and packing outfits … Continue reading


I’ve been to the west coast and Los Angeles a lot over the years and I always thought of myself as more of a beaches and sun type of person but apparently, after winning the most amazing trip to New York city courtesy of Blissdom Canada and Rent Frock Repeat, I just might be an east coast gal after all. … Continue reading


How come none of you told me that having 4 kids was gonna to be so expensive? We’re bleeding green over here and never mind Christmas people, fall is the worst! Back to school supplies, back to school clothes, re-stocking the pantry with all the necessities for daily lunches, school fees, bus fees, music classes, hockey equipment, horseback riding lessons, my … Continue reading


It’s been 14 school days and I just want to tell you all how AMAZING it is to finally have 4 kids in full day school. No, not just amazing, I mean ah-maze-ing! This is the culmination of more than 11 years of work. 11 years of having babies, driving babies to baby gym, meeting moms for play dates, nap times, … Continue reading


Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. I’ve had THE most amazing week and to be honest, I keep thinking it was a dream because it came and went in such a flurry of excitement that I’m still spinning from it. To sum it all up, I went to New York Fashion Week! Me. Yes, the gal who loves fashion … Continue reading


Less than a week to go before school starts. Where has the time gone? Summer has been filled with camping trips to the lake, long nights laughing with friends, lazy mornings sleeping till 9am, swim camps, bike riding, rock collecting, horse stables, ice cream, s’mores, fireworks and BBQ’s. So why not end the dog days of summer housebound with a … Continue reading

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