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I am fanatical about green smoothies. What started out as a once in a while treat has quickly become a mid-day-on-the-go meal that I crave. I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all freaking busy and to be honest, I don’t like wasting time sitting around eating when I have to get kids to school, dinner on and blogging to do. I’ll … Continue reading


Helloooo July! It’s so nice to see you. I never truly feel like it’s summer until July comes and this year I really plan on enjoying some time in my or my friends backyard summer oasis. Yes, this is me inviting myself over to your house! I’ll bring food, I promise. I created this recipe using all my favourite pantry … Continue reading


Dear Brigette, Today you are 11, I am in awe of you and well kind of in awe of me for having made a human being who is now eleven years old. You came into this world on a bright summers day. The evening before you were born I fell asleep holding my belly and told you that I was ready. … Continue reading


  School is officially out! I celebrated the last day of school by spending it doing all things for ME! And it was glorious. It started with relaxing pedicures with a friend on her birthday! Happy Birthday Mandy! Followed by cupcakes and coffee. Then home to greet, feed, movie and tuck in the kids. Hair up in a bun. Popcorn … Continue reading


50 years ago the year was 1964! Man, that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? June 15th is my husbands 50th birthday as well as Father’s Day. I am constantly amazed at how brilliant, patient, caring, compassionate, kind, loving and well just all around good guy he is. We often joke about him being “the old man” because he’s … Continue reading


I live in suburbia (for now). As do most of you, I’m sure. I have a fence and a back yard. I have grass that is  confetti’d with yellow flowers that are also lovingly displayed on my kitchen counter in a plastic juice cup as a gift from my littles. I have a driveway covered in a mosaic of chalk … Continue reading


When you have 2 kids in half day afternoon kindergarten, life sucks. Mornings are spent cleaning up crumbs after them. Feeding them. Cleaning them and everything they touch and of course driving them to school mid day. My morning is shot. I crank the tunes in the car leaving the parking lot at 12:15pm and I realize that I have … Continue reading


I’m finding more and more parents are looking for specialized educations for their kids. It’s not just about picking a school because of it’s close proximity and convenience anymore. Art schools, sports schools, spanish language schools, french language schools, even science schools! It’s pretty cool really, that we have the option to help our kids learn in a way that … Continue reading


6. Is it possible that my babies are 6? Why yes it is and life is good! I took their 6 year old birthday pics beside a window in our kitchen using my Nikon 1-J2 with a 10-30 lens. PS, I will NOT be purchasing the cash-grabbing-kindergarten-graduation-pictures. 


I can’t believe I’m saying this and don’t hate me for it but I’m pretty much done with bedtime. That’s right, no more bedtime!     Ouch, it hurts my heart just a little bit but the truth is that they don’t need me at bedtime as much as they used to. And I’m totally ok with that, or at … Continue reading

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