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I’m finding more and more parents are looking for specialized educations for their kids. It’s not just about picking a school because of it’s close proximity and convenience anymore. Art schools, sports schools, spanish language schools, french language schools, even science schools! It’s pretty cool really, that we have the option to help our kids learn in a way that suits their minds and imaginations and areas that they love. If you have a science kid then this giveaway is right up your alley. Nancy B’s Science Club is giving away a fantastic scholarship for 1 lucky kid to enjoy … Continue reading


6. Is it possible that my babies are 6? Why yes it is and life is good! I took their 6 year old birthday pics beside a window in our kitchen using my Nikon 1-J2 with a 10-30 lens. PS, I will NOT be purchasing the cash-grabbing-kindergarten-graduation-pictures. 


I can’t believe I’m saying this and don’t hate me for it but I’m pretty much done with bedtime. That’s right, no more bedtime!     Ouch, it hurts my heart just a little bit but the truth is that they don’t need me at bedtime as much as they used to. And I’m totally ok with that, or at least I’m gonna have to be. When the kids were really little, like 6 and under (4, 1 & 1) and 8 and under our bedtime routine was a family affair. It was tradition. It was necessary for peace, harmony … Continue reading


Giddy up y’all. It’s April! Spring is here and well so is the snow. It’s been a slow start to spring and if you’re like me and just about anyone living in Canada, you’re D-O-N-E with winter. Since it’s so close to April Fools day I thought I would do a little wrap up of some things I wish were April Fools day jokes but much to my total disgust, are very, very real! Forecasted Snow. Pass the tissues. Sniff. I’ll be rocking in the corner with the fireplace on.     Lost hearing aid. 3 words no parent wants … Continue reading


Dear Hilary, Today is your 6th birthday, Happy Birthday my love. You are a miracle. We were told you would not likely survive the first hours of life. We were told you would struggle. You defied all those who said you couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. You are a fighter and you are as stubborn as hell and I thank you for being so. Since your arrival on this earth you have proven that small things can hold much strength. I love that you have a very loud voice and you’re not afraid to use it, loudly. You are not … Continue reading


Dear Abby, Today is your 6th birthday, Happy Birthday my love. This is a big year for you, but I’ll probably say that every year. You are a short 6 months away from starting grade 1 which means that our half day time together is drawing to a close. You have never been scared or nervous to try new things and I love that about you and know that no matter where you go, you’ll be great. It is my goal that you be strong and independent and caring and kind and smart and I can see all of those things … Continue reading


We’re getting closer to spring. Can I get a HELL-YEAH?! I swear, the only thing that gets me thru the winter is a little vacay to break up the monotony of snow and ice. It was SO DAMN COLD here last month. Like I mean, throw a cup of boiling water in the air and it turns instantly into snow in the wind! YUCK! So of course, we decided that this was going to be the year we have a mountain side family vacation instead of a hot, sunny, beachy vacation. Crazy, right? Well, how could we pass up the … Continue reading


March! Can you believe that March is when all the summer camps start opening up for registration? I had to get online before dawn to make sure I had a spot for the swim camp my kids love going to every year. PHEW! There’s nothing better than getting the kids up bright and early on a gorgeous summer day and dragging their butts to the pool still half asleep. I might be seen skipping to the car…or even running! That’s where my stress ends. Drop and go. But for many parents who have kids with food restrictions that require specific … Continue reading


I don’t have walls. Wait, what? Ok, well, yes, I do have walls, I live in walls, of course. But they’re not my walls. I’ve talked before about how we sold our home that we lived in for 10 years in the hopes for new horizons and how living in a rental house is tough because although there’s no rule against hanging art on the walls, I prefer not to. I guess I feel that by putting up art or family pictures, it means permanency and this isn’t permanent. This isn’t home. And besides that, who wants to have to … Continue reading


On Monday, in Alberta, it’s the annual Family Day holiday. First celebrated in 1990, it is a day set aside for families to focus on spending time together and it’s not a bad idea to have a break between New Years and Easter! We decided to hit the road and head west for our family day holiday. 4 kids in a condo in the mountains. Buckets of snow. Ski lessons. Snowman building. Hot cocoa. Olympic coverage on the TV. The kids are really pumped and if I can get out for a few runs on my board, I’ll be a … Continue reading

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