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I just realized that in mid February, I was ‘officially’ 3 years cancer free. Pretty amazing considering the last few months have been a roller coaster of lumps and tests and needles and stitches. I know the last time I updated about my health it was with a huge sigh of relief that my oncologist’s hasty diagnosis of a relapse of … Continue reading


Lets be honest, Hawaii can make anyone happy. Forget Disneyland, Hawaii is the happiest place on earth, people and I found, that without question, Hawaii makes happy kids.   Life gets simpler. Everything is on “island time”. I get lots of sleep (this is key). The vitamin D tank is filled to the brim. Everything is good. Our time on … Continue reading


This is my office today!   If being away from my home office and my husband away from his office office for 3 weeks, means that we both plug in for a few hours here and there to work remotely from this beautiful place then I’m all for it. Sometimes the lines between work and play get blurred but really, … Continue reading


When we started dating, I told him that I was not at all into Valentines day, this is our Valentines story.     I don’t need a day with over priced roses and chocolates and a dinner out with all the other couples who want to declare their love at a noisy, crowded restaurant. I never did. I want romance … Continue reading


    The kids have been excited for this family holiday for just about a year. We’ve been talking about it and planning and checking things out online and researching for so long that it felt like it would never come. Poof! The trip is here and all I could think about in the weeks and days leading up to … Continue reading


  Remember when I posted this awesome video time capsule? Well as of February 2, 2015 all you Android users can see how great it really is. Get the One Day App for ANDROID here!   And just for the fun of it, here’s a new video I made with the girls enroute to Hawaii (please excuse the airport announcements in … Continue reading


  My favourite time of day. Sun is going down. Kids burning off the last of their energy and the daylight. Aloha XO


  I assure you that reading this will be far less painful than me having to endure it in real time. We had no less that 1 million and 1 questions from kids on a plane.   What time are we leaving for the airport? Do we have all the bags in the car? Are we going to miss the … Continue reading


I think we’re ready. I think it’s time. It’s been years in the making. I’ve been weaning off little by little and I find that I don’t miss it when I don’t use it. I don’t crave it. I don’t desire it. I don’t need it. I’m cutting the cord…to my cable. Now is the perfect time to do it … Continue reading


I know I’ve said it before but I feel like it needs to be said again, I have the best, most supportive group of friends, hands down. I have felt more love in the past few months with messages, texts, visits, prayers, positive energy, hugs, rides, flowers, meals, gifts of kindness, gifts of being present,  shoulders and tissues and finally … Continue reading

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