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Top 12 Holiday Downloads For The Kids On Netflix

top 12 holiday downloads for the kids on netflix

The Netflix gods have smiled upon us with the best gift of the holiday season, free downloads to your device for viewing offline! Offered in the latest update on November 30th, 2016, all parents across the nation rejoice! It’s safe to say that this new update from Netflix pretty much makes the in-vehicle-DVD-system obsolete and given that an entertainment package for most vehicle manufacturers is around $3000, it sure makes that $8 a month seem like pennies. Long road trips to the ski hill, going to grammas house, driving across town in traffic, need to keep the kids occupied in the car this holiday season? Here are my top 12 holiday downloads for the kids on Netflix.

  1. Annie (2014) – Picked by Stella (11). All the same songs from the original but with an updated cast.
  2. The Christmas Project (2016) – Picked by Stella (11). It’s got everything Stella likes, dogs, adventure, Christmas and (ahem) boys.
  3. Skin Wars (2014) – Picked by Stella (11). Actually all the kids are obsessed with this competition series about body painting. top 12 downloads for the kids on netflix
  4. A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale (2015) – Picked by Brigette (13). A romantic Christmas movie with a dog lover at heart.
  5. Haters Back Off! (2016) – Picked by Brigette (13). Viral YouTube star Miranda has her own series.
  6. 13 Going On 30 (2004) – Picked by Brigette (13). What happens when you’re 13 and you wake up in your 30 year old life. And an awesome Michael Jackson dance sequence. top 12 holiday downloads for the kids on netflix
  7. Matilda (1996) – Picked by Hilary (8).  A classic tale with a modern twist.
  8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – Picked by Hilary (8). A full length feature of the best loved Christmas classic and my personal favourite.
  9. Daddy Day Care (2003) – Picked by Hilary (8). Slap stick comedy as kids run a muck. top 12 holiday downloads for the kids on Netflix
  10. Paw Patrol (2013) – Picked by Abby (8). Animals, my kids can’t get enough of the animal shows.
  11. 12 Dogs Of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (2012) – Picked by Abby (8). See what I mean about animals? Mix that with Christmas and boom, kids love it.
  12. Elf (2003) – Picked by Abby (8). When my kids are grown up with their own kids, this will be the movie they watch for nostalgia sake. top 12 holiday downloads for the kids on netflix

New to downloading? Here’s a quick infographic to get you downloading in a flash!how to download shows on netflix

That ought to keep the kids busy for a while. Have a safe and happy Christmas holiday!

Happy downloading!

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