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Fun Facts You Can Learn With Netflix

fun facts you can learn with netflixThere should be a search engine that connects the things I search on Google to a corresponding show on Netflix to round out my inquiry. I’m a curious person by nature and have always been one to ask many questions about both topics I know nothing about and topics I know a lot about. I can always learn more. I did a little research in my own Google and Netflix searches and found some fun facts you can learn with Netflix.

Google search: are yawns really contagious?

Netflix: watch, Brain Games

netflix brain games

Google search: how were stars created?

Netflix: watch, Cosmos – a spacetime odyssey

cosmos: a spacetime odyssey on netflix

Google search: is there such a thing as exploding toads?

Netflix: watch, Natures Weirdest Events

natures weirdest events on netflix

Google search: how smart are monkeys?

Netflix: watch the series, Life

Life on netflix

Google search: how big is a blue whale?

Netflix: watch, Sid The Science Kid

sid the science kid on netflix

Google search: is climate change real?

Netflix: watch, Bill Nye Saves the World

bill nye saves the world on netflix

Google search: how old was Queen Elizabeth when she became queen?

Netflix: watch, The Crown

The Crown on netflix

Google search: did giants ever really exist?

Netflix: watch, Forbidden History

Forbidden history on netflix

Google search: what was the cold war?

Netflix: watch, Oliver Stone’s Untold history of the United States

oliver stone's untold history of the united states

Google search: how are crop circles made?

Netflix: watch, Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries

top 10 secrets and mysteries on netflix


What are you Googling today?

Happy Streaming!

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