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Where Can You Get The Best Burger Across 5 States?

hopdoddy burger I was recently in Houston, Texas for a charity event and had the honour of putting this burger in my mouth. Honour! For real! So if you’re asking yourself, where can you get the best burger across 5 states? I’m here to tell you, it’s HopDoddy Burger Bar!exterior view of HopDoddy Burger barHopDoddy was a food sponsor at the 10th annual Periwinkle Foundation Iron Sommelier fundraiser. Wow, that’s a mouthful. And since I don’t drink wine, I made a point of eating all-the-food from the charcuterie to mini lemon tarts to traditional Texas style pulled pork with mashed sweet potatoes. YUM! But the dish that had me sneaking back for more was the HopDoddy burger and so we made a point of checking out one of their 3 Houston for HopDoddy Burger BarHopDoddy (not ‘daddy’ as many people mistake) is a hybrid between a fast food burger joint and a casual sit down dining experience. What does HopDoddy mean anyway? I asked one of the founders and he said, “hop” because we only carry local micro brewery beers from the region where the restaurant is located and “doddy” because that’s what an Angus cow is called. Brilliant! Ok let’s eat. Confused? Don’t be, here’s how it works. order counter at HopDoddy Burger BarWalking thru the front entrance you’re greeted by a hostess who will explain the rundown on how the place works and then give you a table assignment and a piece of paper with a table number on it. Then you walk to the back of the restaurant towards the open air kitchen to place your order at the counter. You can see the burger patties being made right in front of you from their freshly ground meat. All their buns are baked daily too. Swoon!glass of beer at hopdoddy burger barOnce you place your order for food and drinks (the first round anyway) you pay at the counter, like a fast food place and then find your table assignment. We got assigned outside because it’s Texas y’all and it’s hella warm compared to Canada.server with 5 burgers on his arm at HopDoddy Burger BarOur food was delivered by an exceptionally talented server carrying 5 burgers with a single arm! I asked him what his record is and he said 11! I’d like to see that. I also wondered if this impressive tray carrying display is something that all HopDoddy servers learn? I’ll have to visit more locations and report back. magic shroom burger at HopDoddy burger barOk, here’s what you really want to know. The burgers are juicy and tender and cooked to your liking. Honestly, better than homemade, the buns are fresh and soft and the toppings are so well paired that you can’t pick a favourite.  In all honesty, I have never had a better burger. My prediction: HopDoddy is going to become the next BIG burger obsession nation wide. Sorry In-N-Out!hamburgers and french fries from HopDoddy Burger BarHopDoddy has options for gluten free and non-beef eaters and even a veggie option and they’re nut friendly! They even have a Thanksgiving special called the Turducken burger. No explanation required. The servers make sure you have all the drinks, dessert or more fries you need and will bring your additional drink tab at the end of your meal along with a doggy bag if you can’t finish your burger, although I can’t imagine ever NOT finishing it. The next time I’m in Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, California or Arizona, I will definitely find a HopDoddy and next time try their milk shakes too!


This Dirty Girl restaurant review is not sponsored by HopDoddy or any of it’s owners but if you’re affiliated with HopDoddy and you’re reading this, hit a girl up and let’s work together.

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