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The Best And Worst Of Netflix 2017

the best and worst of netflix 2017I can’t believe we’re closing out another year. I’ve been so busy getting all my Christmas wrapping done that I almost forgot the most important wrap up. Ha, see what I did there? It’s time for the Best and Worst of Netflix 2017. I’ve binged some amazing shows in 2017 but I’ve also ditched some titles that I just couldn’t get into. Check out my list and see how it compares to yours.

Best Old School Nostaglia

Stranger Things season 2 – Weirder than season 1, a little scarier too. It answers so many questions except the most important question…what happened to Barb? stranger things 2

Best Second Season

The Crown – Debuting on the heels of the engagement announcement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, season 2 of The Crown does NOT disappoint. The official royal watch starts now! The Crown on Netflix

Best Crime Show

Mindhunter – A mix of actual killers and a fictional story about the FBI investigator who wanted to learn more about why they killed. It’s so good despite the horrible name. Season 2 can’t come fast enough.Mindhunter on Netflix

Best Teen Show

Riverdale – Who knew Archie would grow into this? My tween/teen kids are obsessed with this show. But they don’t have any of the old school Archie hang ups that I do. Archie will forever be in the age of innocence.Riverdale on Netflix

Best Drama For Teens Who Love Drama

Pretty Little Liars – If you liked Gossip Girl back in the day, you’ll love Pretty Little Liars. My girls love this show. I just hope they don’t grow up to be like them. UGH!Pretty Little Liars on Netflix

Best Revival For A New Generation

Dynasty – What’s old is new again. I remember watching the original with my mom on the couch and thinking, “these rich people are crazy”. Nothing has changed. Dynasty on Netflix

Best Distraction For Early Riser Kids

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Twin 9 year olds and all the pony shows they can handle at 6am on a Saturday when I am still fast asleep. My Little Pony on Netflix

Best Into To Anime For Kids

Glitter Force Doki Doki – Kind of reminds me of Sailor Moon and the twins love it. Between this and Pokemon, we’re all set. Glitter Force on Netflix

Worst Theme But With A Lesson

13 Reasons Why – This is a hard show to watch but I highly recommend watching it with your teens. I wrote about it here. 13 reasons why on netflix

Worst Show To Watch With Kids Around

Shameless – This is my latest binge series and all I can say is, Oh. My. It’s funny and sad and raw and so good. But don’t watch it with the kids around.  Shameless on Netflix

Worst Show For Keeping Me Up All Night Bingeing

Godless – Women living in a town where most of the men are gone. Sounds appealing. It’s a great show if you’re ready to lose sleep. Godless on Netflix

Worst Luck For A Good Guy

Ozark – All the reasons I love this show can be summed up with one word, Jason Bateman. Ok, that’s two words but seriously. Seeing him in a serious role is refreshing and so good. I just want to be Jason’s friend in real life, is that too much to ask? Ozark on Netflix

If this is what Netflix brought us in 2017, I can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer. See you next year!


As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I get some awesome perks but opinions are always my own.

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