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Second Update From Tanzania

I’m so happy that the team from Tanzania is sending regular updates. We got the second update from Tanzania on July 26, 2017 an another picture. These emails are quickly becoming the air I breathe and the comfort I need while Brigette is away. Today marks 1 week since Brigette left for her trip which means 10 more days left. Yes, it’s flying by. I’ve been keeping busy. Thanks to 3 other kids, a friend visiting from over seas and celebrating Stella’s 12th birthday. Phew.

I know that Brigette was super excited for the Water Walk so reading that it happened made me smile.


second update from tanzania


We have had a couple of beautiful days here in Tanzania, since our last update. Every morning, we wake up and are greeted by Mount Meru (second tallest mountain in Tanzania) standing guard over our camp. 

On Monday morning, we were greeted at our camp by two of the community Mama’s (Anna and Eunice) for our Water Walk. Everyday, the Mamas walk from their homes to the water tap, and carry water back to their homes for cooking, laundry, cooking and livestock. After we had introduced ourselves to each other, we walked from our camp to their local water tap. When we arrived, the Mamas and Guides filled up the large 20L water containers, while a Kindergarten class ran down the hill to wave and give the group high fives. When the water jugs were filled up, the group carried the water back to the Mamas home. After the walk, the Mamas invited us into their home and answered any questions we had. In the afternoon, we returned to our build site, in order to prepare for pouring the foundation. 

 Today, we spent our morning mixing and pouring cement for the foundation of the school. It was hard work, but we worked with a positive attitude and we were able to pour the foundation successfully! This afternoon, we learned all about the educational system in Tanzania and in the local community, and then played a soccer match against the school. The game was close, but in the end our team won. The children and teachers at the school have asked for a rematch and have vowed they will win next time. Bring it on! 

We are tired, but after having refreshing showers we are ready to for the next few days! 


Tanzania A


  1. Lisa says:

    It’s was so exciting to see the latest photo and hear all the latest updates. What an exciting time for you Brigette. Would love to be there with you pouring cement and carrying water. You look like you are having a wonderful time. I almost didn’t recognize you! Love you lots – can’t wait to hear all your news. xoxo

  2. Dad says:

    I miss her so much. I know she’ll be back before we know it but right now in this moment i just miss her. Such a great experience. An amazing mom for certain.

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