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Retro Summer Road Trip Downloads For The Kids On Netflix

retro summer road trip downloads for the kids on netflixSchool is almost out! Plans are made. Camp sites are booked. Routes are marked. As I was planning my upcoming summer vacation I started to wax nostalgic. Long summer nights laying on sleeping bags, eating chips and watching summer movies with my family or a friend sleepover. I was thrilled to see that some of my retro faves are on Netflix right now! I’ve put together a list of retro summer road trip downloads for the kids on Netflix just in time to help you plan for your upcoming summer vacay! While some titles on Netflix are not available for download, I made sure that all the ones on my list are A-Okay for all your downloading, road trip fun. Enjoy!


1 Back To The Future

Oh sweet Netflix, thank you for having not only the first Back To The Future movie but part 2 and part 3 as well. Might as well make it a family binge and watch the whole trilogy!back to the future series

2 ET: the extra-terrestrial

This movie was the beginning of my life long love of Drew Barrymore and the first in a long list of adventure movies that still get me excited.
E.T Extra Terrestrial

3 The Karate Kid

Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Need I say more. PS, Ralph Macchio doesn’t age. Can you believe he’s in his 50’s now and looks exactly the same? Pft! The karate kid 1984

4 The Flintstones

I grew up watching the Flintstones cartoons on Saturday mornings and even though this movie didn’t come from my childhood, it’s still old enough to be retro. Habba Dabba Doo!The Flintsones Movie

5 Grease

This movie has staying power and comes with a warning: If you don’t mind singing in your car then download this with pleasure because trust me, the kids will be singing right along side you.Grease 1978

6 The Muppets Take Manhattan

As a kid who grew up on Kermit the frog on Sesame Street and then on the Muppet Show, this movie gets all the love. the muppets take manhattan

7 An American Tail

I only came here for the song…I brought tissues. You’ll need em.
retro summer road trip downloads for the kids on netflix

8 Short Circuit

Johnny 5 was the first robot movie I remember loving so much and watching over and over again. Seems so obsolete now but it’s still a loveable story.
Short Circuit movie

9 Annie (the original)

Only the original, all day, any day. The songs, Carol Burnett, the dog, what more do you need. Bet your bottom dollar on it.  Annie 1982

10 Harry And The Hendersons

Oh so this is when I became obsessed with finding big foot! Now I get it. Ever since seeing this movie, I kept a closer watch in the trees on long road trips. harry and the henderson

What are you downloading for your summer road trip?

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