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Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie

lazy leftover turkey pie

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or a family gathering on a Sunday in February, if you’ve got a turkey chances are good you’ve got left overs and if you’ve got leftovers. That means you’ve got everything you need for my super easy Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie. I learn a lot from the women in my life and part of this pie … Continue reading

5 Reasons Stranger Things Is The Best New Show On Netflix

stranger things on Netflix

I admit, I didn’t see any pre-promotion for Stranger Things season 1 on Netflix at. Nothing on Twitter, nothing on Facebook. And then all of a sudden, EVERYONE was talking about it. I was very hesitant because I’ve long since grown out of the ability to watch scary things mostly because I can’t stand the anxious anticipation of something that … Continue reading

Tiff Tries Removing Soap Scum With 2 Ingredients

tiff tries removing soap scum with 2 ingredients

You know when you see those viral posts on Facebook or pins on Pinterest with thousands of re-pins promising no less than a miracle if you follow the process, recipe or hack? Yeah, I’ve seen them too and every time I see them I say, “I wonder if that actually works or if it’s just a click scam?” I was … Continue reading

My Pizza Creation For YYC Pizza Week

yyc pizza week

This has to be my favourite week of the year, with the exception of my birthday week, of course. What? Doesn’t everyone get a whole week for their birthday? Any-who, in it’s 3rd year, #YYCPizzaWeek runs from September 23-October 2 with almost 50 destinations participating. Each restaurant has created a one of a kind, limited release pizza for diners to order … Continue reading

Educational Shows On Netflix

educational shows on netflix

Take a deep breath y’all, summer is almost over. Truth be told, there are some moments that I don’t want summer vacation to end but they’re quickly overshadowed by the front door opening and slamming shut roughly 527 times when the kids are supposed to be playing outside. Of course, the outdoor playing has been hampered quite drastically by the fact … Continue reading

Life Lessons And Lunch

Life Lessons and Lunch

This post is part of the and Maple Lodge Farms #FamilyFirst sponsored program, I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal option about the information provided by the sponsors. We’re finally in the lazy days of summer break!  Around this time of year I can’t help but find myself looking at my kids … Continue reading

5 Things We Can Do Together This Summer

5 things we can do together this summer

4 more weeks left of school. We’re practically in the home stretch. The leaves are starting to bud on the trees and the weather is warming up. I can see summer vacation on the horizon and I can not wait for it to come. Most summers are full of fun and sun but this summer we’re going to focus on doing … Continue reading

Roller Skating – week 3 of #52of39 (video)

52 weeks of being 39

  Week 3 of my #52of39 adventures takes me back, waaaaaay back to when I was 12, roller skating every weekend possible. I had forgotten how much I loved being on roller skates, the music, the smell of the wooden floor and the old carpets mixed with hot dogs and popcorn. Oh the good ol days.   Check out the … Continue reading

I Didn’t Die At Yoga – week 2 of #52of39 (video)

52 weeks of being 39

  Week 2 in my #52of39 adventures brought me to a yoga studio for the first time in my life. Yes, I’ve done yoga but I’ve never been in a studio, with people, and breathing, and more people. As you may know, I don’t like crowded places. However, my friend Lisa talked me into joining her for an evening yoga … Continue reading

52 Weeks Of Being 39 (video)

52 weeks of being 39

    It’s official, I’m 39 years old. gulp. Being on the verge of 40 doesn’t scare me in the least, however, being 39 brings up a lot of emotion for me. When I turn 40, it will be a success, a relief, a celebration and the end of a legacy. In fact, the celebration starts now. For the next … Continue reading

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