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What To Wear To Blissdom

So, I need to pack my bag for Toronto. I keep thinking about it. I brought my suitcase in from the garage days ago. All I’ve been thinking about for weeks has been, what to wear to Blissdom. I love clothes. I love putting together new outfits. I love buying clothes. I love finding second hand clothes. When an event … Continue reading

Prepping For Blissdom

    Phew, I’m still here. I don’t know about y’all but the first 3 weeks of school have been like running a marathon. Getting up early to get the kids to the bus in the morning is brutal. I am so not a morning person. Anyway, here I am back in business. I am thrilled to be attending my … Continue reading

iPad Mini Back To School Giveaway

  Shhhh, listen. Do you hear that? It’s the collective sigh of relief from millions of moms after completing the bitter sweet first week back at school. Well done ladies, well done indeed. Now join me for a relaxing evening. The house is clean. The dishes are done. Pop some corn and grab a bevy. Pour yourself onto the couch … Continue reading

Back To School Bliss

    Just a few days till all 4 of my whining wonderful children go back to school. Today, yes today, I finally felt that hot, bubbly  rage and an overwhelming need for them to GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Picture it, 10am, cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floors when two of them were fighting for the 100th time in 90 … Continue reading

Signs Of A Stroke

I found out last week that someone dear to me and my family had a sudden stroke. But was it really “sudden”? She’s in her early 40’s and never sits still. She is fit and healthy and works 16 hour days working multiple jobs, one of which is a nurses assistant at a local hospital. After reporting for work at … Continue reading

How To Make A Sock Bun (minus the sock)

Hey Dirty Girl, show me how to make a sock bun!     I recently posted a picture of my hair in what is now commonly referred to as a “sock bun”. As a result I got several requests from my followers on Instagram and Facebook to write a how-to, so here you go. Step 1: Make the bun roll … Continue reading

Life Is Good #92

  Every year on her birthday, Nana requests a photo with all her beloved grand-babies. This year we added our second boy to the family. Welcome baby Carter Alexander! Lucky #7 to Nana’s treasures. –

I Am Losing It

  THE CONFESSION It is NOT easy for me to talk about this. I’ve put on weight. Most of you would never notice because I am a firm believer in dressing for the body you have. I can rock the booty if I have to but I have to admit that I fell into a horrible pattern. Recent stress and … Continue reading

Health Warning For Men

ATTENTION ALL MEN OF EARTH! Your species is under imminent threat of extinction due to a highly contagious disease known commonly as Rage-y Wifeosis. Signs and Symptoms Individuals with rage-y wifeosis experience sudden (often without warning) urges to throw objects within a 2 foot radius, project their voice at twice the normal volume, heavy sighing, episodes of retreat in a … Continue reading

Life Is Good #93

    I could sit and watch jelly fish all day long. It’s soothing and serene and dance like. I love it. If you’re in Vancouver be sure to check out the Vancouver Aquarium and their extensive jelly fish exhibit on now.    

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