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12 Bananas

Despite all the horrible stories of families being displaced and losing their homes and cars and businesses during the Calgary Flood of 2013, there was one funny thing that happened…     The first day of the flood watch and evacuations was also a “flood” day at school. We kept our kids home and had 3 low laying dwellers bunking … Continue reading

Come Hell Or High Water

  I have been glued to the TV for the past 3 days as I watch my city disappear into a muddy river. I can’t even believe that this is happening to my city. Anytime a natural disaster happens in the world my kids always ask a million questions about their safety and the safety of our house. “Can we … Continue reading

I’m In The Picture (Week 10)

    It’s near impossible to get ALL the kids to look and smile so I figure 2/4 isn’t bad.  

Geocaching In YYC

  This past weekend was not only Father’s Day but it was also daddy’s birthday. No pressure, right? Well thankfully for me, he’s easy to please. Unlike me on Mother’s Day who dreams of a quiet spa and alone time to bask in the peace and quiet, daddy just wants to spend a fun day with his family with as … Continue reading

Tattoo Tuesday – In Memory Of My Mom

  Done. It’s done. Finally. I’ve waited 2 years and searched across 2 countries for the right artist to do it and today, it got done. I’m still in shock. I feel like I’ve just completed a long arduous journey that ended with 3 somewhat painful hours of bliss and relief. The lovely and incredibly talented Heather McLean didn’t disappoint. … Continue reading

Chicks Dig Trucks

Move over boys, this girl is getting behind the wheel! Next week GM Canada is having an exclusive Ride & Drive event to show off their all new redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra and yup, they’re gonna put me behind the wheel of THIS!   This isn’t going to be your average show and shine, they’re actually gonna … Continue reading

Dirty Dishes: Top 5 Camping Desserts

I don’t know about you guys but when I go camping, the only reason I eat dinner is so I can have dessert afterwards. So I decided to start with dessert recipes. Well ok, one of them isn’t really dessert but it’s sweet and a treat. Here are my top 5 camping desserts. Sorry I don’t have pictures for all … Continue reading

10 Tips For RV Meal Planning

  June has finally arrived! The rain is falling, the grass is getting green and the leaves are coming back. In a few short weeks (18 school days to be exact, but who’s counting?) school will be out and the highways will be filled with RV’s making the mass exodus to the great outdoors. We’ve been camping in an RV … Continue reading

Dirty Dishes: Inside Out Omelette

  I love me some eggs. Today I wanted eggs for lunch but I didn’t feel like having the regular ‘ol eggs and toast, I know my eggs were sad too. So I decided to make an omelette but since I’m terrible at flipping eggs without massacring them I figured, why bother. Just don’t flip ’em. Right? Right. And so … Continue reading

Look At This Mess!

Look at this mess!   Can you believe it? I just finished cleaning that table and mopping that floor and now look at it. Those little rat-burgers just spent the last 45 minutes destroying my clean kitchen.       They sat around that table laughing and coloring and creating and being all cute and shit. It was like they … Continue reading

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