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Life Is Good #93

    I could sit and watch jelly fish all day long. It’s soothing and serene and dance like. I love it. If you’re in Vancouver be sure to check out the Vancouver Aquarium and their extensive jelly fish exhibit on now.    

Fake It Till You Make It

  I have a confession to make, I am a total fraud. Phew, that felt good to say out loud. I’ll be the first to raise my hand at a Fakers Anonymous meeting, “Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m a fake”. You see, I may seem like I have my shit together but I totally don’t and if you’re … Continue reading

Creation Or Wizards?

  mom? how did horses get made? what do you mean, “get made“? like how did the first horse come to be on earth? oh I don’t know if I have an answer for that. I guess it’s like if humans came from monkeys, who put the monkeys on the earth, right? (thinking) (hard) It was probably a wizard. a … Continue reading

25 Steps To The Mom Of The Year Award

  Ok, I just want the title for a minute, if that’s ok with the rest of you moms out there. I want to make sure I document and brag just a little bit about how AWESOME I made my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday. I’m not likely to repeat such success so I want to be sure to share it, … Continue reading

Rock The House Run: Making My Kid Cry Since 2012

  At a certain age your kids figure out that they CAN trust you as a parent. They figure out that you’re actually not out to get them. Until now I think my 10 year old thought I was a spy (in fact, she did ask me one day if I was a spy) assigned by a covert organization to … Continue reading

12 Bananas

Despite all the horrible stories of families being displaced and losing their homes and cars and businesses during the Calgary Flood of 2013, there was one funny thing that happened…     The first day of the flood watch and evacuations was also a “flood” day at school. We kept our kids home and had 3 low laying dwellers bunking … Continue reading

Come Hell Or High Water

  I have been glued to the TV for the past 3 days as I watch my city disappear into a muddy river. I can’t even believe that this is happening to my city. Anytime a natural disaster happens in the world my kids always ask a million questions about their safety and the safety of our house. “Can we … Continue reading

I’m In The Picture (Week 10)

    It’s near impossible to get ALL the kids to look and smile so I figure 2/4 isn’t bad.  

Geocaching In YYC

  This past weekend was not only Father’s Day but it was also daddy’s birthday. No pressure, right? Well thankfully for me, he’s easy to please. Unlike me on Mother’s Day who dreams of a quiet spa and alone time to bask in the peace and quiet, daddy just wants to spend a fun day with his family with as … Continue reading

Tattoo Tuesday – In Memory Of My Mom

  Done. It’s done. Finally. I’ve waited 2 years and searched across 2 countries for the right artist to do it and today, it got done. I’m still in shock. I feel like I’ve just completed a long arduous journey that ended with 3 somewhat painful hours of bliss and relief. The lovely and incredibly talented Heather McLean didn’t disappoint. … Continue reading

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