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2017 Lincoln MKZ: A Fast Luxury Car

2017 Lincoln MKZ review

Most of my test drives are SUVs but don’t let that give you the impression that I’m biased against cars. I love all things on 4 wheels. I got to spend a week with the 2017 Lincoln MKZ a fast luxury car not to be forgotten.  Several things stand out right away when I got in the MKZ. First and … Continue reading

Fun Facts You Can Learn With Netflix

fun facts you can learn with netflix

There should be a search engine that connects the things I search on Google to a corresponding show on Netflix to round out my inquiry. I’m a curious person by nature and have always been one to ask many questions about both topics I know nothing about and topics I know a lot about. I can always learn more. I … Continue reading

Bonus Update From Tanzania

bonus update from tanzania

Brigette started her long 24 hour journey back home while we were sleeping last night. I’ve been obsessing over the flight tracking app all day as I watch her fly from Tanzania to Ethiopia to Ireland. As we go to sleep tonight, she will fly from Dublin, Ireland to Toronto and hopefully we’ll wake up to a text message from … Continue reading

Fifth And Possibly Last Update From Tanzania

fifth and possibly last update from tanzania

Today is August 2, 2017 and this just arrived. It’s our fifth and possibly last update from Tanzania before Brigette gets home on Saturday the 5th. Oh em gee. We’re almost at the end of this long journey, for all of us. Again, no picture came with this email but I promise to share pictures off her camera when she … Continue reading

Fourth Update From Tanzania

fourth update from tanzania

The only thing that disappoints is that we got this update today (july 31, 2017) with no new picture! BOO! Seeing her face in the crowd of travellers helps with the whole “missing a piece of my heart” thing. However, it’s a very exciting update to get on a Monday. Oh and Monday means that we’re only 5 days till … Continue reading

Third Update From Tanzania

third update from tanzania

OK, this, the third update from Tanzania, made me a bit teary. What a huge few days the group has had. This update arrived early in the morning on July 28, 2017.    Jambo Jambo! We have realized that we are almost halfway through our trip and have said many times that we don’t want to leave yet. Every day … Continue reading

Second Update From Tanzania

second update from tanzania

I’m so happy that the team from Tanzania is sending regular updates. We got the second update from Tanzania on July 26, 2017 an another picture. These emails are quickly becoming the air I breathe and the comfort I need while Brigette is away. Today marks 1 week since Brigette left for her trip which means 10 more days left. … Continue reading

First Update From Tanzania

update from tanzania metowe

We don’t get to talk to Brigette until the day she lands back in Toronto from Tanzania to catch her connecting flight home to Calgary. And if you’re keeping track, that’s a looooong time from now. August 5th to be exact. However, the wonderful people at MEtoWE send the families of all participants frequent updates and some pictures to help … Continue reading

The Hardest Part Of Parenting Is Letting Them Go

the hardest part of parenting is letting them go

 7 months of fundraising, prepping, packing and planning and at 12:35am on Thursday July 20, 2017, Brigette left for Tanzania. Not only is this her first solo flight but it will be the farthest she has ever traveled. People are shocked that we didn’t hesitate one second when she asked us to go on this trip. But I have to … Continue reading

10 Ways To Use A Trampoline Other Than Jumping

10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumping

The lazy days of summer have arrived. The kids have decompressed from school and the weather is warm and the boredom has set in. How is it possible that 4 kids, 1 dog, 2 acres, 5 scooters, 4 bikes, 1 Springfree trampoline and zero homework can result in the words, “we have nothing to do”. It’s ok, take a deep … Continue reading

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