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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

holiday travel survival guideI can’t believe we’re already talking about the holidays. If you’re reading this, that means you’re heading out for some sort of holiday travel. I hope you’re going somewhere hot and beachy, oh please take me too. But if you’re driving 6 hours to the in-laws for some turkey, I’ve rounded up your Holiday Travel Survival Guide.

  1. Whether you’re flying or driving, each person should have their own bag and should be responsible for their own stuff. Mom and dad are not pack mules. Space is at a premium in a car, I use the small ‘lunch’ size re-usable shopping bags.small reuseable shopping bags
  2. Avoid fighting by making things equal. Get the kids to pick out their own snacks and fruit for the ride. I use the equation, 1 snack for every 2 hours of travel. 6 hour car ride = 3 snacks. Don’t forget the refillable water bottle!snacks and water bottle
  3. Charging cables and cubes will save your sanity. Electronic devices are only as good as their charge. In addition to cables and cubes, I picked up a power bank that will charge a phone from dead 4 times!holiday travel survival guide
  4. Netflix is the best babysitter when you’re on the road. There, I said it. Netflix is my babysitter when we travel. It keeps the peace and everyone gets to pick their own titles to download for offline viewing. Don’t forget the headphones! Ahhh the silence. netflix ipad, gilmore girls, fuller house
  5. Bonus tip: I have 4 kids, two are 9 and the other two are 12 and 14. I get each kid to download different titles so they can swap tablets giving them double the choice to watch!netflix ipad
  6. Large zip lock bags in each kids bag make great garbage bags that seal tight. They also make for emergency sick bags if you’re kid gets motion sick from the long travel time.ziplock bags

What do you do to survive holiday travel?

Safe travels this holiday season!

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