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Fourth Update From Tanzania

The only thing that disappoints is that we got this update today (july 31, 2017) with no new picture! BOO! Seeing her face in the crowd of travellers helps with the whole “missing a piece of my heart” thing. However, it’s a very exciting update to get on a Monday. Oh and Monday means that we’re only 5 days till Brigette returns home!

the hardest part of parenting is letting them go


What a busy weekend we have had here in Tanzania!

The build site Fundi (foremen) are so very pleased with all of our hard work on our project. We have completed the foundation of the school, with lots of patience and following instructions carefully. There is still lots of work to do, but for now the foremen have asked that we begin preparing for an additional school building. This will involve some pickaxing, shovelling, and dirt-removal. We know the dedication to the project will keep us going.

Yesterday, we went to the local market, exclusively used by the locals to buy and sell their food, livestock, and goods. Each Hogwart’s House was given a cue card with a description of a family living in Tanzania and Tanzanian Shillings with which to purchase items of necessity and enough food to feed their hypothetical family for a week. After a quick lesson in bartering and shopping basics by our Maasai Guides, each group had free-reign of the market. Yes, the exercise had to be completed, but each member was also able to make deeper connections with the local community. After an hour, we returned to camp with a bounty of goods and extra money to spare. Perhaps you should ask us to do some shopping once we return home – we are experts now!

Today we woke up to the opening song from The Lion King. Why? Well because today was Safari Day! After a quick breakfast at 5:30AM, we boarded two buses and drove approximately 2.5 hours to Tarangire National Park. This National park was established in 1970 and is 2,800 km in total. It is home to hundreds of thousands of family and serves as an important migration route. Highlights included Wildebeest, Zebras, Antelope, Lions, Giraffes and …Elephants! So many Elephants! What an immense privilege to see these beautiful animals in the wild. There will be many pictures for you to see upon our return.

Sending lots of love your way!

Tanzania A

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