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First Update From Tanzania

We don’t get to talk to Brigette until the day she lands back in Toronto from Tanzania to catch her connecting flight home to Calgary. And if you’re keeping track, that’s a looooong time from now. August 5th to be exact. However, the wonderful people at MEtoWE send the families of all participants frequent updates and some pictures to help ease our suffering. Here’s the first update from Tanzania. I’ll keep everyone updated here as we get more updates and it’s a great place for Brigette to be able to read them all too when she gets back. She would love to read your comments of love and encouragement here as well. Thanks everyone! update from tanzania metowe

Dear Parents, Family Members, and Friends: 

Jambo!! We have arrived safely to our camp, where we will be staying for the next two weeks. It has a beautiful view of Mount Meru; the 3rd largest mountain in the area. We were welcomed by our amazing on-site staff members (cooks, security, housekeeping, and James who ensures we always have clean, hot water (maji moto) for showering).

We were given thorough and necessary information about safety while at the camp and while working on the school build site. 

We are all getting along really well together, and really enjoying working on the build site. During our stay, we will be helping to build a school room at Oldonyowas primary school, as this community has over 600 children. Yesterday alone we moved over 300 cinderblocks and today we moved a large pile of stones with buckets and wheel barrows. We stayed positive and encouraged each other the entire time. The foremen even said “your group is moving so fast, and they are so careful and efficient with their work.” 

This afternoon we went on a hike in the community. Our lovey guides Lekihiti and Khatib kindly taught us the many survival techniques they use, including the traditional, natural medicines and herbs. As well, we were able to take in the natural beauty that surrounds us each day. After the hike, we had so much fun building community, working on our leadership skills, and bonding as a WE family. 

We look forward to meeting the Mamas on our Water Walk and continuing our build tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more! Love, Tanzania A

(email received July 24, 2017)


  1. Marlaine says:

    Sounds incredible so far. I’m super jealous of the adventure. I look forward to more updates. Thanks Tiff!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    This is so amazing. It makes it all seem not so far away to see pictures and hear about her/their progress. I can’t wait to hear her own stories about her experiences. She is a role model for us all. Love you, miss B! Savour each and every moment. xoxo

  3. Trevor says:

    What a fantastic thing to do! Thank you for making such a positive change in the world!!

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