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Fifth And Possibly Last Update From Tanzania

Today is August 2, 2017 and this just arrived. It’s our fifth and possibly last update from Tanzania before Brigette gets home on Saturday the 5th. Oh em gee. We’re almost at the end of this long journey, for all of us. Again, no picture came with this email but I promise to share pictures off her camera when she gets home. We got a document from WE outlining some of the ways we can support Brigette upon her return home and some of the possible struggles she may have. It was a fascinating read as I fully expect exhaustion from jet lag but now I’m prepared for some other things as well. I just can’t wait to hug her!

fifth and possibly last update from tanzania


We are having a hard time counting down the days here as we have come to love and enjoy our time.

Yesterday, we returned to the build site to pick-axe the ground to pave (ha, get it?) the way for the foundation of another school to be poured. We worked very hard, especially since it was an extremely hot day, and our teamwork and of course water kept us going.

In the afternoon, two local Mamas came to our camp and taught us how to do traditional beading. Many of us have been looking forward to this day!  We were able to sit down with them and learn firsthand the skills and patience that it takes to bead.  We were able to all try our skills at beading and build upon our relationships with these Mamas and the community. We all stepped away with a beautiful piece of jewellery or two that will forever remind us of our experience here, though we were much slower than the mamas at beading!!  We continued to deepen our knowledge about the Maasai Culture and felt even more connected to this beautiful part of the country. 

Today was “Global Simulation Day,” a day organized to increase empathy and understanding for the daily life of the members of our local community and the world at large. During the morning, the boys and girls swapped gender roles, to increase understanding of “a day in the life of.” Bright and early the boys and Khatib went for a hike, while the sun rose silently beautifully behind the cobalt-blue/grey hills and mountain. On the hike, the boys found firewood to be used at the camp. Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed a sleep-in, and swept the mess tent. After being served breakfast by the boys, the girls attended school, while the boys helped with chores. After, we were divided into countries and competed against each other, to vie for the top economic and political powers in the world. 

We enjoyed an evening of stories and singing by the campfire tonight, which was such a wonderful way to end the day. Helping us to bond even more with one another.

Much love from Tanzania

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