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Does The Springfree Trampoline Tgoma Pass The Jump Test?

I am constantly telling my kids to “get off their electronics and go outside”. Seeing them with their faces in a device while the sun is shining makes me unbelievably irritated. However ever since we got a brand new Springfree trampoline with tgoma, I’m happy to give the iPad to them. I know what you’re going to say. But Tiffany, wait, does the Springfree trampoline Tgoma pass the jump test? Here are the results after the first 30 days. does the springfree trampoline tgoma pass the jump test?First off, what the heck is tgoma? I’m not super tech savvy but simply put, tgoma is a system that turns a Springfree trampoline into a Smart Trampoline™. Four sensors wired to the mat connected to an app via Bluetooth® put the jumper right into the game making you the controller. does the springfree trampoline tgoma pass the jump test?Once in the tgoma app (iTunes/Android), you can select from a number of interactive games, workouts (my personal favourite) or just free jump and let the app track how much you jump. does the springfree trampoline tgoma pass the jump test?

tgoma is 100% mom-guilt-free screen time. My kids love the variety of games: Stella (11) “I love the free jump so I can see how many jumps I can do in 10 minutes“. Right down to my 9 year old, Abby “the snake is my favourite but I don’t like it when my snake dies“. There’s something for everyone. There are 15 games/activities within the tgoma app with games for kids in kindergarten-grade 1 up to adult workout challengesdoes the springfree trampoline tgoma pass the jump test?

The only thing the kids have complained about is that the tgoma only allows for 1 player at a time and we all know how well 4 sisters share. However, I’m very happy we went with the jumbo square size which has 5 “jump zones”, one in each corner and one in the middle, perfect for all of them to jump when the tgoma isn’t on.

The result: 4 kids = 4 huge thumbs up for the Springfree trampoline with tgoma. 15 apps and more yet to come will keep them busy for the whole summer. does the springfree trampoline tgoma pass the jump test?

{LOCAL BONUS} Hey Calgary friends! Don’t miss this event happening on May 26, 2017. Springfree is turning 3 and throwing a big Birthday Bash with face painting, balloons, snacks, drinks and a chance to win your very own Springfree trampoline!
springfree trampoline birthday bash
From time to time I get to work with some pretty awesome people. myDIRT has partnered with Springfree as a jump ambassador. As always, opinions are my own.

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