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Better Shepherd’s Pie

Growing up, I learned to cook early on. Shepherd’s Pie was a family staple growing up but when I had my own kids I wanted to make it my own recipe, something I like to call a Better Shepherds Pie. The stars have seemed to aligned and low and behold, my kids ALL LOVE IT! Without fail, if I make … Continue reading

Quinoa Veggie Taco Bowl

quinoa veggie taco bowl

This is one of my favourite dinners. My Quinoa Veggie Taco Bowl was born out of a craving for tacos but not the meat or the shells. So on nights when the kids are having traditional tacos, I’ll whip this up for myself in a flash. It’s so quick and easy and cooks up in the time it takes for … Continue reading

Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie

lazy leftover turkey pie

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or a family gathering on a Sunday in February, if you’ve got a turkey chances are good you’ve got left overs and if you’ve got leftovers. That means you’ve got everything you need for my super easy Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie. I learn a lot from the women in my life and part of this pie … Continue reading

My Pizza Creation For YYC Pizza Week

yyc pizza week

This has to be my favourite week of the year, with the exception of my birthday week, of course. What? Doesn’t everyone get a whole week for their birthday? Any-who, in it’s 3rd year, #YYCPizzaWeek runs from September 23-October 2 with almost 50 destinations participating. Each restaurant has created a one of a kind, limited release pizza for diners to order … Continue reading

Zucchini Noodle Spaghetti and Sauce

zucchini spaghetti and sauce

  I don’t do recipes often but when I do, it’s something I love and something I’m cooking weekly. This instalment of dirty dishes is zucchini noodle spaghetti and sauce. I created it after I picked up a Veggetti spiral gadget in Times Square in NYC. I love spaghetti but sometimes want a lighter version. This recipe is so quick and … Continue reading

Dirty Dishes: Inside Out Omelette

  I love me some eggs. Today I wanted eggs for lunch but I didn’t feel like having the regular ‘ol eggs and toast, I know my eggs were sad too. So I decided to make an omelette but since I’m terrible at flipping eggs without massacring them I figured, why bother. Just don’t flip ’em. Right? Right. And so … Continue reading

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