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Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

slow cooker butternut squash soup

This recipe for slow cooker butternut squash soup couldn’t be easier. In fact, the hardest part is peeling the butternut squash. I’m still looking for some miracle hack for that one. I love this soup on cold days, fall days, spring days, pretty much any day. I serve it with a sprinkle of shredded sharp cheddar and a crusty bread. … Continue reading

Chewy Puffed Wheat Squares

chewy puffed wheat squares

Some days I think chewy puffed wheat squares are better than rice krispie squares. They have all the crunch and sweetness of their counterpart but with that creamy cocoa flavour! YUM! My take on the ever popular recipe has a little less puffed wheat cereal and a little more sticky stuff to make them extra chewy. Perfect for the school … Continue reading

Easy Royal Icing

easy royal icing

Everything I know about baking comes from the expertise of my Auntie Lisa. We made 300 cookies and decorated them with royal icing, which pretty much means I’m an expert.  So now that you’ve made some of the best cookies for cut outs, let’s talk icing. Royal icing is very versatile. It’s pure white and dries hard. Icing is a … Continue reading

Best Cookies For Cut Outs

best cookies for cut outs

People often think that the best recipe to use for cut out cookies is a sugar cookie. And yes, in a lot of cases, sugar cookies are great for shapes and cutting. I recently helped my daughter with a fund raiser to help with her trip to Tanzania with ME to WE by making 300 cookies and iced each one … Continue reading

Quinoa Veggie Taco Bowl

quinoa veggie taco bowl

This is one of my favourite dinners. My Quinoa Veggie Taco Bowl was born out of a craving for tacos but not the meat or the shells. So on nights when the kids are having traditional tacos, I’ll whip this up for myself in a flash. It’s so quick and easy and cooks up in the time it takes for … Continue reading

Overnight Blueberry French Toast

overnight blueberry french toast

This recipe came to me from my amazing Auntie Lisa but with some modifications has become my own version and a family tradition at Christmas. I’ve started making it on New Years Day as well because the kids love it so much. Quick and easy to make the night before and then throw in the oven to bake in the … Continue reading

3 Ingredient Mounds Cookies

3 ingredient mounds cookies

This isn’t a new recipe (thanks to my friend Jenny for this new favourite) but my version is nut-free and so darn easy to make. My recipe swaps sweetened coconut for unsweetened to cut down on the sugar and in my opinion, you’d never know the difference. They’re so fast and so easy and only need 3 ingredients that I … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Sweet And Sour Meatballs For Halloween Night

slow cooker sweet and sour meatballs

Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year. I love the excitement and all the scary decorations but I don’t love having to race to get the kids fed so we can dash out the door to start tick or treating. This year Halloween falls on a Monday, gross, so that means getting the kids home from school, feeding them, … Continue reading

Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie

lazy leftover turkey pie

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or a family gathering on a Sunday in February, if you’ve got a turkey chances are good you’ve got left overs and if you’ve got leftovers. That means you’ve got everything you need for my super easy Lazy Leftover Turkey Pie. I learn a lot from the women in my life and part of this pie … Continue reading

My Pizza Creation For YYC Pizza Week

yyc pizza week

This has to be my favourite week of the year, with the exception of my birthday week, of course. What? Doesn’t everyone get a whole week for their birthday? Any-who, in it’s 3rd year, #YYCPizzaWeek runs from September 23-October 2 with almost 50 destinations participating. Each restaurant has created a one of a kind, limited release pizza for diners to order … Continue reading

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