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The Perfect Road Trip Thru The Niagara Region

the perfect road trip thru the niagara region

Niagara, Ontario is in my Canadian back yard and has always been on my list of must-see places and for my 40th birthday I was lucky enough to see it. Chevrolet Canada invited me to test out the all newly re-designed Equinox and together, we had the perfect road trip thru the Niagara region.The Niagara region is a short 1 … Continue reading

How My Daughter Met Superwoman Lilly Singh

how my daughter met superwoman lilly singh

Remember how obsessed you were over your teen idol? I was obsessed with Debbie Gibson, Michael Jackson, New Kids On The Block and of course, Alyssa Milano. Don’t you judge me. You know you loved her too. I would have given ANYTHING to meet one of them or even be in the same room with them, not counting the 30,000 … Continue reading

How To Rock A Girls Weekend In Canmore

How to rock a girls weekend in Canmore

I really needed a girls weekend away. I can’t even tell you how important it is for me to step away from my life, my kids, my to-do list and just spend some quality time with friends. So that’s what I did. 13 friends. 5 condos. 2 nights. 100’s of laughs. This is how to rock a girls weekend in … Continue reading

My First Hammam Treatment At Soma

my first hammam treatment at soma

Luxury and wellness go very well together and recently I was treated to both. Buick Canada invited me on a retreat that involved a mountain estate hotel, amazing food, spectacular landscapes along a photo tour behind the wheel of the 2017 Buick Envision and that was just the first day. I was excited and very curious for my first Hammam … Continue reading

Retreat In Luxury Close To Calgary

retreat in luxury close to calgary

Mid November. The space that falls right after Thanksgiving and Halloween but before the onslaught of Christmas shopping, holiday parties and hours in the kitchen baking cookies. I can’t think of a better time for a battery recharge. Last week I spent a couple of days on a retreat in luxury close to Calgary with Buick Canada for the launch of … Continue reading

My Cruze Thru Nashville

my cruze thru nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is a destination I would never have put on my list of places to visit but I recently found myself back in the southern American city for a second time and loved it even more than the first. My 27 hour adventure was filled with good food, lush scenery and fabulous company, all while testing out the brand newly … Continue reading

Tips For Conquering Universal Studios Hollywood In One Day

tips for conquering universal studios hollywood in one day

Who says you can’t take 4 kids on an epic day trip lasting 16 hours and still have everyone come out alive? Not this gal. When the stars align, you can’t fight it, you just can’t. We booked our trip for spring break in Palm Springs, California, not knowing that a ‘short’ 2 hour drive (depending on traffic) would bring … Continue reading

Netflix And The City

netflix and the city

  Divorce is hard. Or so I’m learning as my best friend navigates the path of division from her husband and high school sweetheart. To be honest, I don’t know what to say to her half the time, so I just constantly tell her that she’s doing the right thing and I’m here for anything she needs. I guess neither … Continue reading

New York Is Never The Same Trip Twice

New York is never the same trip twice

What an amazing week! I just got back from New York City with my best friend of 23 years as a guest of Netflix for a special event surrounding The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We decided to take full advantage of the opportunity and extended our trip ahead of the actual event with Netflix, so we could explore the city and … Continue reading

Easy Recipe For A Weekend In Radium BC

Easy recipe for a weekend in radium bc

    I’m on my phone and my computer all-day-long. I’m sending tweets, I’m liking things on Facebook, I’m snapping things to my snap story and I’m broadcasting live to my Periscope account but none of that is as important as spending time with friends in the living breathing flesh. I recently had an amazing staycation weekend away with some … Continue reading

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