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I’m 39, Can I Wear This Colour?

burts bees lipstick

    It’s almost my birthday, my 39th birthday to be exact, so I guess maybe it’s time for me to start acting like a grown up.   Maybe.   Ok, maybe it’s just time for me to use make up like a grown up.   Yeah, let’s just start there.   I confess that I haven’t worn lipstick in … Continue reading

Easy Recipe For A Weekend In Radium BC

Easy recipe for a weekend in radium bc

    I’m on my phone and my computer all-day-long. I’m sending tweets, I’m liking things on Facebook, I’m snapping things to my snap story and I’m broadcasting live to my Periscope account but none of that is as important as spending time with friends in the living breathing flesh. I recently had an amazing staycation weekend away with some … Continue reading

Who Needs A Garbage Man Anyway


    It’s been 8 months, 17 days and 5 hours since we moved to the country. Yes, I’m still loving every fresh air, quiet evening, big sky morning moment of it. We’ve been preparing for our first winter away from the city. This is going to mean longer nights, darker days and more snow than my kids are used to, … Continue reading

My Girl Plays Hockey #WeAllPlay


3 years ago my daughter, Stella, joined me at an event where she had her very first ever moment in hockey skates. She got to meet a gold medal, Team Canada, Olympic hockey player and share the same sheet of ice with her for a pick up game of hockey. All it took was 30 minutes on the ice, a brand … Continue reading

My First McDonalds Burger In 20 Years

my first mcdonalds burger in 20 years

Shocking right?! It’s true. I haven’t eaten much of any fast food in 2 decades but I recently found myself face to face with my first McDonalds burger in 20 years! I must have been hungry when the invite came in and I thought, sure, why not. I’ll give McDonald’s a try and see how much has changed since 1995! … Continue reading

Keeping Us Healthy on Holidays with Honibe (Giveaway)

    The kids have been excited for this family holiday for just about a year. We’ve been talking about it and planning and checking things out online and researching for so long that it felt like it would never come. Poof! The trip is here and all I could think about in the weeks and days leading up to … Continue reading

One Day App Now On Android

  Remember when I posted this awesome video time capsule? Well as of February 2, 2015 all you Android users can see how great it really is. Get the One Day App for ANDROID here!   And just for the fun of it, here’s a new video I made with the girls enroute to Hawaii (please excuse the airport announcements in … Continue reading

Ready For Winter?

What do you do when someone asks you to try out winter tires when there’s no snow on the ground outside? You take the cars inside. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado to get ready for winter driving with Bridgestone Tires and Tire Rack to learn about what it really means to … Continue reading

CentsAbility Update

Here I am, half way (ummm, maybe a little more than half way) thru my #CentsAbility month. It’s time for a CentsAbility update.     When I started the CentsAbility challenge 2 weeks ago, I talked about saving money by making and baking snacks for my kids lunches rather than buying expensive pre-packaged treats. I am happy to report that … Continue reading

Getting To Know My Kids

Ever had one of those conversations with your kids that goes something like this? mom: Hi love, did you have a good day at school today? kid: yup. mom: What did you do at school? kid: nothin’. mom: That’s impossible, you can’t spend the entire day at school and do nothing. How was school today? kid: good. mom: okay, but … Continue reading

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