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Bonus Update From Tanzania

Brigette started her long 24 hour journey back home while we were sleeping last night. I’ve been obsessing over the flight tracking app all day as I watch her fly from Tanzania to Ethiopia to Ireland. As we go to sleep tonight, she will fly from Dublin, Ireland to Toronto and hopefully we’ll wake up to a text message from her when she returns to Canadian wifi on her device. Today (August 4, 2017) we received this bonus update from Tanzania about their last day in Africa. AND WE GOT PICTURES!!

I honestly doubt I’ll sleep tonight! I can’t wait to see her tomorrow after noon.

bonus update from tanzania


The bittersweet day has arrived: our final day here in Tanzania.

It was the perfect day. We woke up and had a delicious breakfast before heading to our last build at the build site. We worked extra hard today, to ensure that we could make the biggest impact on our last day. There was lots of concrete that we mixed and poured, but don’t worry, we stopped for many water breaks and high fives from many of the school children we have befriended.

After the build, the town leaders, community, members, and school gathered together for a final goodbye and thank you. The school children performed many songs and dances, the Maasai Warriors danced and had jumping competitions with us, and we even got the chance to perform many songs for them. At the end, the town gifted us beautiful bracelets and necklaces, as well as our very own goat! We even won the soccer match against the community team!

We had a farewell dinner with the staff. It was lovely and amazing.  We sang and danced and got to spend our last dinner in Tanzania with our new family.

We are sad to say goodbye to Tanzania, but we leave here with new friendships and a community to lean upon. We are a WE family.

Love to all

Tanzania A

metowe trip to Tanzania

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