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2017 Ford Edge: Sporty And Fun Crossover SUV

Ford offers 3 different sizes of crossover vehicles and the 2017 Ford Edge is right smack dab in the middle. In the mid size crossover market as competition to the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Hyundai Santa Fe, the Ford Edge Sport is truly giving luxury brands a run for their money. The 2017 Ford Edge: sporty and fun crossover SUV for a family or an active couple with no kids and a lot of gear and maybe a pooch. I took a turn testing out the 2017 Ford Edge Sport AWD for a week and boy was it fun.

2017 Ford Edge Sporty and fun crossover SUV

The day I picked up the Edge, it was a snowy slick day on Calgary roads. I was shocked at how stable the ride was on both city roads and highway roads. The Edge I drove had the optional 20″ wheels and despite being the “sport” edition, didn’t spin the tires given the conditions. I loved the responsiveness of the steering, the exceptional handling and notable pep of the line.

2017 ford edge review

All Ford Edge models are equipped with a 6 speed automatic with paddle activation. I don’t find the paddles to be a useful feature but I’ve been told that if you need to shift in a down hill for a lower gear or if you’re stuck in mud or snow, a lower gear would be useful. Otherwise, I personally find that this feature (even as standard equipment) is wasted on me and quite possibly the average driver. I’d much prefer the savings or the option to spend the money elsewhere on the vehicle.

2017 ford edge review

Nothing beats a huge panoramic sunroof that goes from the front seat all the way to the back. The automatic sun shade is a great feature for those super sunny days to keep the heat out too.

2017 ford edge review

I love that technology is such a huge feature driving car companies to integrate personal consumer devices with the info-tament system. Ford has adapted the Apple Car Play system allowing Apple phones to plug in and bring up useful apps for easy use. The system also works with Android phones.

2017 ford edge review

The only, and I mean only, thing I didn’t love about the 2017 Ford Edge is the placement of the heated steering wheel button. While most other vehicles have a button on the actual steering wheel or on the climate control dash, the Edge makes it 2 steps in the info-tament system. From the main screen select ‘climate’ then in the top left corner, select heated wheel ‘on’. In the middle of a Canadian winter, I would much prefer this option to be hands free at the tip of my fingers as opposed to on the screen that requires me to look away from the road.

2017 ford edge review

My overall opinion: I loved driving the Ford Edge. It was fun, fast and stable plus had all the space for hauling 5 people and all their stuff. This is a great option for people who love driving cars but need/want an all wheel drive vehicle. While the price tag for the fully equipped SPORT edition that I drove is high at $57,239CDN, you can outfit a lower model for less and still have a great vehicle. Trust me, this one is worth a test drive.

The 2017 Ford Edge starts at $31,199 CDN for the SE model and $44,499 CDN for the SPORT model.

Statistics show that we ladies influence 85% of vehicle purchases so why not get a Dirty Girl perspective on what’s new on the roads. As always, I promise to give you an unbiased and honest opinion, based on my personal experience. 

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