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10 Ways To Use A Trampoline Other Than Jumping

10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumpingThe lazy days of summer have arrived. The kids have decompressed from school and the weather is warm and the boredom has set in. How is it possible that 4 kids, 1 dog, 2 acres, 5 scooters, 4 bikes, 1 Springfree trampoline and zero homework can result in the words, “we have nothing to do”. It’s ok, take a deep breath. I’ve got 10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumping that should keep the kids busy for at least a few days!

Just add water

We don’t have a pool but we do have a hose and a sprinkler. Just your average rainbow sprinkler will do. Place it under the center of the trampoline mat and turn the water on. As the sprinkler goes from side to side, the kids have to jump over it. It has been reported by my kids that a wet trampoline bounces higher. I’ll take their word for it. 10 things to do with a springfree trampoline

Fort of shade

A Springfree trampoline is perfect to jump on but it’s also perfect to play UNDER! The mat makes for a perfect roof with shade cover and the soft grass can be covered with a blanket, pillows, snacks and drinks. Instant playhouse.

Crack the egg

This game is fun for a few or a crowd. One person (the egg) sits in the middle of the trampoline hugging their knees to their chest, either sitting up or laying on their side. The rest of the kids jump around the “egg” trying to get the egg to crack by letting go of their knees. Once the egg is cracked, a new kid gets to be the egg. 10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumping

Zombie tag

One kid is the zombie and stands in the center of the trampoline with their eyes closed or covered. The rest of the kids move slowly (or fast) around the zombie trying not to be touched. The quieter they can be, the harder it is for the zombie to catch them. The first kid that gets tagged by the zombie becomes the new zombie in the next round.

Chalk drawing

Have you ever noticed that a trampoline mat looks like a gigantic chalk board? Give the kids a box of sidewalk chalk and let them draw monsters, body outlines, tic-tac-toe or what ever comes to their mind. To clear the board, spray with water and let dry in the sun. things to do on a trampoline

Sleepover under the stars

Check the forecast. All clear from rain and a mild temperature means you’ve got the perfect night for an outdoor sleepover under the stars. Fill the trampoline with sleeping bags, pillows, stuffies, water bottles, snacks, camping lanterns and add some adventurous kids. Don’t forget to pull out the star map so they can find the stars in the sky.


Keeping with that chalk theme, make a giant twister board on the trampoline with coloured chalk. Use the game spinner from the board game and voila, twister with an added challenge of balance and movement. games to play on a trampoline

Movie night

Clip a white sheet to the outside of the trampoline netting. Set up a table with a projector and a bluetooth speaker. Pop some popcorn. Set up chairs with sleeping bags and wait for the sky to dim the lights. Alternatively, clip the white sheet inside the netting and set up the projector on a ladder standing outside the zipper opening. Or if you don’t have access to a projector, simply set up an iPad and a bluetooth speaker inside the trampoline with sleeping bags and popcorn. Nothing better than an outdoor movie.

Stuffy party

Soft toys like stuffies are perfect for the trampoline. They can jump with them, toss them in the air or just lay in a pile of stuffed animals and play make believe. My kids do this for hours. 10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumping

Work out

Lunges, sit ups, push ups. Do a great workout on the trampoline and add the challenge of balance to any move. And if you want more out of your workout, fire up the tgoma and try out the tgomaFit app that will run you through a workout and will track how many calories you burn. 10 ways to use a trampoline other than jumping

The possibilities are really endless. I simply tell my kids, if they don’t go play on the trampoline, there are 3 bathrooms that need scrubbing. It’s amazing how fast they find something to do and now you have 10 things to get your kids started.

What fun things do your kids do with their Springfree trampoline?

From time to time I get to work with some pretty awesome people. myDIRT has partnered with Springfree as a jump ambassador. As always, opinions are my own.


  1. Sara says:

    I love all these fun ways to extend the enjoyment beyond the jumping (which is so awesome). I think my kids would love to combine the stuffy party with the sleepover under the stars! Maybe a fun hangout for a date night, too!

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